Food Grade POF Shrink Film

Food Grade POF Shrink Film Supplier – Better and Safer Wrapping 

Protect the food from dust and bacteria with our POF shrink films. Shandong Baoshuo Biotechnology Packaging Co., Ltd. has food-grade quality for consumers' safety. Every kind of food can get protection from various airborne particles. Likewise, fruits, vegetables, meat, baked food, and many different perishable items are safe. With moisture-proof features, our shrink films are safe and clean. That's why there is no chance of mold growth in the products. They are food-grade and transparent films for food safety and delicate presentation. 


Better Grip on Food with Glossy Appearance 


 Our polyolefin shrink films better grip any good you wrap them on. They need little heat to shrink and grasp the base. They are transparent and glossy for the visibility of the food you want to cover. This helps represent baked foods in supermarkets and bakeries with delicate presentation. Thus, the smell of food also releases from them to capture buyers' attention. 


Protecting Food from Dust, Moisture, and Germs 


 Shandong Baoshuo Biotechnology Packaging assures everything as a food-grade POF shrink film supplier. Our non-toxic material makes these shrink films safe for contact with food. There will be no compromise on the health of consumers. Neither dust nor germs will be able to pass through the barrier caused by the POF shrink film. That will provide more safety from airborne particles around the food. Supermarkets, food shops, and bakeries need these food-grade shrink films.


 Find Wholesale Supply of Food Grade POF Shrink Films  

One advantage of working with a wholesaler specializing in wholesale food grade shrink film is the availability of competitive pricing and the ability to provide bulk quantities. As a wholesale supplier of food-grade POF shrink film, we offer access to our range of wholesale stores at highly affordable rates. With a substantial production capacity, we cater to buyers seeking cost-effective solutions. Our supply and pricing are tailored to align with your specific requirements.


We Meet the Commitment and Trust of Consumers  

Being a reliable Food grade POF shrink film supplier, Shandong Baoshuo Biotechnology Packaging Co., Ltd. exceeds buyers' expectations. From quality to quantity, we meet customer satisfaction. Licensing and standard compliance are reasons for our success in this journey. Likewise, we comply through ISO 9001, SGS, ASTM-D2732, ASTM-D2457, ASTM-D1003, etc.