Colored POF Shrink Film

Colored POF Shrink Film has the characteristics of normal shrink film, and can also meet your different demands, different colors and different packaging effects.

Thickness: 12um, 15um, 19um, 25um, 30um.

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Discover the exceptional versatility of Colored POF Shrink Film by Baoshuo Packaging. This innovative product combines the reliability of standard shrink film with the added dimension of vibrant colors and customizable packaging effects. Available in a range of thicknesses, including 12um, 15um, 19um, 25um, and 30um, this shrink film adapts precisely to your unique requirements, ensuring secure product wrapping and eye-catching presentation. Whether you want to enhance the visual appeal of perfumes, toys, electronics, or clothing, Colored POF Shrink Film from Baoshuo Packaging is your ideal choice. Elevate your packaging solutions with a touch of charm and individuality.

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